In accordance with the needs and wishes of our clients, we are able to follow and implement the whole process of positioning and branding of different positions. From planning, through pre-press and press, to the same mounting positions, New Assist team will provide you with a fast and efficient service.

For design and prepress, we pay special attention to provide information in a simple and organized form. All types of publications, brochures, advertising solutions, tutorials, solutions for shop windows, shops and offices - are the messengers of clients in the best design solutions. Printed materials, especially when it comes to promoting your brand, provide all information about the product or services to consumers. Our team will assist you to offer all kinds of printing.

Design and prepress

New Assist owns a printing presses and machines for finishing printed materials, as well as professional staff that implement this process according to the highest standards. We print on foils, paper, polypropylene, tarpaulin and all other materials and we produce large-format prints. This allows us to offer our clients a very quick realization of work on a "turnkey".


Our process of branding starts much before the setting up of advertising material. Positions are photographed, dimensions are taken, and our technical team "records" the area and gives material proposals in accordance with the technical feasibility on the ground. Then, the New Assist design team creates a suggestion that visualizes and presents the client displays of the final proposal of positions appearances. Only after obtaining the approval, advertising material will be prepared, which is then installed immediately, and the clients get exactly what they saw and approved as a proposal.

Branding and installation

New Assist agency always takes into account the "added value" in accordance with the needs of the client in the organization of special events - seminars, events for journalists, sports ceremonies, events for customers and employees, performances at fairs, presentations, events for business partners. Proven results of our team in this field speak in favor of a unique approach, efficiency and competitiveness in the prices of services provided by New Assist.

Special events for clients

Goethe said that every idea at first seems like a strange visitor, John Kennedy that man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. The thought of Victor Hugo is that all the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come We say that a quote or idea can sell your product. We have the quote and an idea just for your product.

Internet marketing and creative campaigns

We assist in the preparation, acquire and produce all types of promotional materials - pendants, calendars, pens, USB sticks, brochures and all other promotional materials. Our employees are also your colleagues and by working together we define the content of materials that are fully compliant with your key communication messages to each of the desired / targeted audiences.

Production of promotional materials